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Carlsbad Running Lab

San Diego, CA


LA Marathon 2016

Posted on February 17, 2016 at 5:45 PM
LA Marathon recap: My training journey began last September and was fulfilled on February, 14, 2016.  This training cycle was by far the most challenging for me. I had a lot set backs over the six month training cycle such as injuries and chest cold.  I really never recovered from my set back and I felt like I was a month behind in my marathon training. As a running coach, I know if you’re not prepared its ok pull out of a race but my pride took over. I really knew I wasn’t ready for the marathon. I decide to push on with training. I was really inconsistent with my workouts.  I would have one great workout then followed by three bad workouts. My legs never felt right going into the race. I still want to give it  a go and hope run a good race.

I had some huddles I had to over come going to the marathon. I got a flat tire going to the expo; I left my pre race nutrition in my car and had to stop by 7/11 to pick some nutrition. Since I sign up late for the race, I wasn’t in a seated corral. I started the race back with the 13:00 milers. I try to push to the front and I was literally running on the street to by pass thousands of runners. I wasted so much energy and never got into a rhythm. Once I got to about mile 18, I started to run out of gas and I knew I wasn’t going to BQ on this race. I decided to shut it down. I was playing it smart. I didn’t want to get injured for no reason, plus I have Boston in eight weeks. I finish in 3hr 25mins. I actually cut ten mins. off my last LA Marathon.

I always like to take positives from each race I do. For this marathon, I nailed my hydration and nutrition plan during the race. I felt good after the race other than normal leg soreness. I’m starting to recover faster from each marathon. My body is starting to adapt to the marathon distance. I enjoy the process of training for the marathon. I hope one day I can put it all together and have an epic race.

I would like to thank the following friends that aided me in my success for this race. Thank you to my wife, family & all my runner friends, Milestone Running, Newton Running, Runners Lane, Rusty with Top To Top, A Snail’s Pace Running, A Runner's Circle and Fleet Feet Burbank.  

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